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ManBetX万博体育app-最新版本文 | 季益广在下列句子的空格处填上一个恰当的英语单词。1. Kids were playing and ___ each other.孩子们在相互追逐嬉闹。 2. Outside, the children were playing ___ and Indians.孩子们在外面玩牛仔和印第安人的游戏。3. Did you like to play ___ dolls when you were little?你小时候喜不喜欢玩洋娃娃?...
本文摘要:文 | 季益广在下列句子的空格处填上一个恰当的英语单词。1. Kids were playing and ___ each other.孩子们在相互追逐嬉闹。 2. Outside, the children were playing ___ and Indians.孩子们在外面玩牛仔和印第安人的游戏。3. Did you like to play ___ dolls when you were little?你小时候喜不喜欢玩洋娃娃?


文 | 季益广在下列句子的空格处填上一个恰当的英语单词。1. Kids were playing and ___ each other.孩子们在相互追逐嬉闹。

2. Outside, the children were playing ___ and Indians.孩子们在外面玩牛仔和印第安人的游戏。3. Did you like to play ___ dolls when you were little?你小时候喜不喜欢玩洋娃娃?4. Parents need to ___ time just playing with their children.怙恃应该花时间和自己的孩子一起玩耍。5. Karen began ___ basketball when she was six.卡伦六岁时开始打篮球。6. If you feel any ___, you shouldn’t play.如果你以为疼,就不应该参赛。

7. Men were sitting ___ the park, playing cards.男子们坐在公园里打牌。8. Bristol will play ___ Coventry next week.下周布里斯托尔队将迎战考文垂队。9. She’s playing Helen Evans in the ___-final.半决赛中她将迎战海伦·埃文斯。

10. Moxon played ___ England in ten test matches.莫克森代表英格兰队到场过十场国际板球反抗赛决赛阶段角逐。11. Harrison played a ten of ___.哈里森出了一张黑桃十。12. The Regents played Eddie at ___ in the game against Arizona.在和亚利桑那州立大学队的角逐中,理真大学队派埃迪上场担任中锋。

13. Garvey played first ___ for the Dodgers.加维在道奇队中打一垒。14. She played the ball low, just ___ the net.她把球打得很低,刚刚过网。15. He’s learning to play ___ piano.他在学习钢琴。16. She played a Bach ___.她演奏了一首巴赫的前奏曲。

17. Haden has played with many ___ greats.黑登和许多著名的爵士乐手互助过。18. A small ___ was playing.一支小型管弦乐队在演出。19. The beside radio played ___.床边的收音机播放着轻柔的乐曲。

20. DJs are playing the latest house and techno ___.音乐节目主持人们正在播放着最新豪斯音乐和泰克诺音乐。21. Streep plays a shy, ___ woman.斯特里普饰演一个腼腆、神经质的女人。22. Playing a ___ so different from herself was a challenge.饰演一个和她本人如此差别的角色是个挑战。

23. ‘Macbeth’ is playing ___ the Theatre Royal in York.《麦克白》正在约克的皇家剧院上演。24. A good diet and ___ play a large part in helping people live longer.合理的饮食和良好的康健状况在对人们寿命的延长起着重要作用。25. Jim and Karl were playing ball in the ___.吉姆和卡尔在后院玩球。

26. So far, the company has refused to play ___, preferring to remain independent.这家公司至今不愿当傀儡,更希望保持独立。27. Some snakes ___ predators by playing dead.有些蛇会以装死来蒙骗掠食者。28. ‘What do you mean?’ ‘Don’t play ___.’ “你什么意思?”“别装糊涂了。

”29. Don’t play the ___ with me — we both know what happened. 别跟我装无辜,你我都知道出了什么事。30. Susan felt she ___ to play the good wife.苏珊以为自己必须扮成好妻子。31. He played the ___ at school instead of working.他在学校瞎混而不用功学习。

32. How do you want to ___ this meeting?你想怎么开这个集会?33. Play it ___ and make sure the eggs are thoroughly cooked.保险一点,一定要把这些蛋煮透。34. If you like him, play it ___, or you might scare him off.你要是喜欢他,就别露声色,否则可能把他吓跑。35. Stop playing ___, Luke, and tell me what you want.别耍花招了,卢克,告诉我你想要什么。

36. We’ll see what the weather’s like and play it by ___.我们将凭据天气情况随机应变。37. If you want a promotion, you’ve got to play the ___.如果你想获得提升,就要规行矩步的。

38. He is a leader who is skillfully playing the nationalist ___ to keep power.他是一名老练地打出民族主义牌以保持权力的向导人。39. Who knows? If you play your cards ___, maybe he’ll marry you.谁知道呢?如果你精明些,说不定他会娶你的。40. If you respond with violence, we’ll be playing into their ___, giving them an excuse for a fight.如果你以暴力回应,就正中他们下怀,给他们挑起争斗的捏词。

41. The rebels may be playing for ___ while they try to get more weapons.叛乱分子可能在拖延时间,想搞到更多的武器。42. It happened a long time ago, and my memory might be playing ___ on me.那是良久以前的事了,我记不清了。43. The accountants know how to ___ the tax system.会计师知道如何钻税收制度的空子。

44. ___ the boss’s daughter is playing with fire.和老板的女儿约会是在玩火。45. It is up to us to play ___ our strengths and try to control the game.要靠我们发挥自己的优势,努力控制角逐。

46. Sitting in the boat, you can see the sunlight ___ on the water.坐在船里,你可以看到在水面闪烁的阳光。47. They played fast and ___ with investors’ money.他们滥用了投资者的资金。48. Wasn’t she playing ___ with another man?她其时不是在和另一个男子厮混吗?49. It was years ___ I realized he’d been playing around.多年以后我才察觉到他一直在沾花惹草。

50. Play around ___ the ingredients if you like.如果你喜欢,可以随意搭配种种原料。51. When the teacher wasn’t looking, we used to play ___ a lot.老师不看我们时,我们经常会瞎厮闹。52. ___ you stop playing around with the remote control?你能不能别再摆弄遥控器了?53. She felt she had to play ___ or risk losing her job.她以为自己必须冒充顺从,否则就有失业的危险。

54. What do you think you’re playing ___?你到底在搞什么名堂?55. He’s still playing at ___ an artist.他对于当艺术家仍然三心二意。56. She is a 14-year-old playing at being a ___ woman.她是一个假扮成年女性的14岁少女。57. He played ___ his answering machine messages.他回放了电话答录机中的留言。

58. Management has been playing ___ the possibility of job losses.治理层一直淡化职位淘汰的可能性。59. The White House spokeswoman sought to play down the ___ of the event.白宫女讲话人试图淡化该事件的重要性。60. The top two teams will play ___ at Twickenham for the country title.结果最好的两支球队将在维克汉姆体育场为争夺冠军一决牝牡。

61. The two musicians played off each other in a piece of ___ improvisation.两位乐师在演出一首精彩的即兴曲时争强斗胜。62. The house seller may try to play one buyer off ___ another, to raise the price.屋子的买家可能会在两位买主之间挑拨,目的是为了抬高房价。63. The ad plays on our ___, showing a doctor holding a newborn baby.广告中一名医生抱着一个新生婴儿,那是在使用我们的情感。64. It will be interesting to see how the election plays itself ___.寓目选举如何举行会很有意思。

65. The weekend gives you a chance to play out your ___.周末让你有时机想入非非。66. Play up your strongest ___ in the opening paragraph.第一段中就要突出最强有力的论据。

67. Jordan’s been playing ___ in school.乔丹在学校里总是惹贫苦。68. I hope the kids ___ play you up.我希望孩子们不会给你添贫苦。

69. My knee’s ___ playing me up this week.这星期我的膝盖一直不舒服。70. The car’s playing ___ again.车子又出问题了。71. Connie always plays up to her parents when she ___ money.康妮缺钱的时候总是去讨好怙恃。

72. Stop playing ___ the light switch!别再乱动电灯开关!73. Play with the design ___ screen, moving text and pictures until you get a pleasing arrangement.试着在屏幕上举行设计,移动文字和图片,直到排列令人满足为止。74. After university, I played with the ___ of teaching English in China.大学结业以后,我想已往中国教英语。75. The budget is very ___, so there isn’t much money to play with.经费很紧,没有许多钱可用。

76. This is a major ___ of Miller’s plays.这是米勒剧作中的首要主题。77. Play is very important ___ a child’s development.游戏对孩子的发展十分重要。78. The program aims to teach road safety ___ play.这个节目旨在通过游戏举行门路交通宁静的教育。

79. The backyard is full of the happy shouts of children ___ play.后院里充满着孩子玩耍时快乐的叫嚷声。80. The market acts as the free ___ of competition in the building industry.市场对修建业的竞争起着自由调治的作用。

81. There are a number of ___ at play in the current recession.现在的不景气是由多重因素引发的。82. A complex system of muscles is brought ___ play for each body movement.身体的每一个行动都需要庞大的肌肉系统运动。

83. Political ___ do come into play when making policy.制定政策时,政治因素确有影响。84. Rain ___ play after only an hour.角逐才举行了一小时就因雨告停。85. On the next play, Johnson ran 15 yards for a ___.接下来的一次进攻,约翰逊跑了15码持球触地得分。

86. He kicked the ball ___ of play.他把球踢出界外。87. He ___ a play for the leadership last year.他去年曾角逐向导权。

88. It’s obvious he was making a play ___ her.显然他在追求她。89. There’s too much play ___ the rope.那根绳子太松了。

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